Date Speaker Topic
January 10 Jack Hranicky What We Mean about PaleoAmerican
February 14 Bob Jolley Northern Region Archaeology: Activities and Accomplishments over the Past 22 Years
March 14 Dr. Ruth Trocolli Public Archaeology in Washington D.C.: The Shotgun House Project
April 11 Dr. Mike Johnson Gold: Historic and Prehistoric
May 9 No Meeting May 19 TOUR Salubria
Jun 13 Martha Williams The Brent Site in Stafford County
July 11 John P. Mullen Robinson Terminal South
August 8 Patrick O'Neill The Lazy Susan: Is it Peter Wagener's House from Old Colchester?
September 8 Chapter Picnic! 11 A.M.; Picnic Pavilion at Mason Neck State Park, 7301 High Point Rd., Lorton
September 12 Dr. James G. Gibb Recovering the Town Plan of Port Tobacco
September 29 Trip to Salubria! 10:30 A.M.
October 10 Erin Cagney Exploring the Potomac Creek Estuary through the Betty Veatch Legacy Collection
November 14 Joe Downer Mount Vernon Archaeology

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